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Sink & Foster Win CATT High Rock Final

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Another banner CATT Trail on the Yadkin River system wrapped up Saturday at High Rock with 39 teams entering the 2014 Yadkin Spring Final.

Price Comes Out on Top Wateree Summer CATT Final

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We wrapped up the 2014 CATT Lake Wateree Summer Trail Saturday at Clearwater Cove Marin with 27 teams entering. Fishing was tough on sme but the ones that found em caught em good!.

Wiltfong & Bain Take CATT NC Championship Kerr

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92 teams entered the 2014 CATT North Carolina Championship this past Saturday on Kerr (Buggs Island) with a total purse close to $20,000.00 up for grabs. WE launched out of the new Nutbush Ramp which is a really nice venue. We decided to spread the cash out a little more and not the make the payout top heavy. Take a look at the $$ the top 5 teams took home. From the feedback I got the guys seemed pleased with that move. Next year we’ll have a few more things we’re looking at to make the payback more rewarding if you finish farther down the pack. CATT pays 100% of your entry fees. Est.

CATT Lake Wateree Still Putting Out Big Bags!

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Remember the days when 20 lbs would get you some big money on Lake Wateree? Well those days for now are long gone as a 20 lb bag won’t even get a sniff when it comes to a paycheck these days on Lake Wateree. I always ask the guys on the dock how did they do…a lot said they struggled and they still weigh in 18 to 19 lbs…I sure would like to “struggle”!

Wateree has really set the bar high the past 2 years….this year the average winning weight for the CATT Spring trail with the 1 CBC Qualifier included was over 26 lbs!

Palmore & Crisman Take 1st CATT Gaston Mar 29

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We’re off and running with the 2014 CATT Gaston/Kerr Trail with 36 teams entering Saturday blasting off out of Eaton Ferry/Morning Star. All the Gaston/Kerr Qualifiers tournaments fall under the CATT GOLD format and as you can see the payback is awesome! We split up the BONUS $ and spread it around so make plans and come on out to see us. CATT pays back 100% of your entry with a portion deducted from each Qualifier going into the Final Fund. You can see all the money totals at the bottom of the results.

Jensen & Sabbagha Win Murray CATT With 27.07!

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Man, Lake Murray is turning on in a big way! 8 out of the 28 teams entered weighed in at least 20 lbs Saturday and no doubt the fishing will only get better with warm air on the way!

Cantley & McEachern Take Wateree CATT Mar 8

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The water was on the rise Saturday at Lake Wateree and when you mix in cold, muddy water the bass will shut down. They did just that for the majority of the teams but other caughtem before they shut down. Next weekend you will see a dramatic increase in weight as the warm weather is on its way!

This Wateree CATT was a CATT GOLD Qualifier with the entry fee at $120 and the payback increasing!

Mitchell Breaks 32lb Mark Santee Cooper CATT

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The 1st 2014 CATT Santee Cooper Qualifier saw 32 teams spread out over Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie chasing the magic 5. If you’ve fished Santee Cooper before this is the beginning of some of the best fishing in the South East and it’s going to get better in the next few weeks!

Olsen & Burns Win CATT Shearon Harris

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We held the 1st Old North CATT GOLD Qualifier on Shearon Harris with 31 teams entering. Teams had been asking for a larger payback and we’re going to give it em! We hope to have some large crowds at the future Old North CATT Gold events and we can really show you the money! Last year we had a few qualifiers with over 50 teams entered and if we can do that again you’re looking at a 1st place prize of $1,725.00 with 50 boats. If we can reach 75 teams 1st place will be $2,000.00.

Shoaf Wins Big CATT Yadkin Fall Final

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Mark your calendars! April 26, 2014 Lake Wateree, SC CATT and Vengeance Tackle are teaming up and bringing you the 2014 CATAWBA CLASH!  Raffles, Gift Packs, BONUS $, Calcutta plus a cook out at the Vengeance Tackle store. Top 10 places will be GUARANTEED! More detail coming in the next few weeks

Check out the 2014 CATT GOLD Qualifiers! Increased paybacks! Check out the 2014 schedule page for more info!

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