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Lake Wheeler FLW Open Event

The Lake Wheeler FLW events starts in the morning and I am ready to go.  Practice was pretty much a wash out with two solid days of rain.  I have caught some fish deep and some shallow.  Since we had the rain and cool weather, I'm going to start on the shallow fish and see what happens.  The water color here reminds me a lot of Wateree.  This lake also has the same grass that Wateree has.  I'm going to fish grass and see what happens.  Take care, I'll keep ya'll posted. 

Dearal Rodgers,

Lake Wateree Carolina Bass Challenge

Although I was not able to fish the Carolina Bass Challenge tournament at Lake Wateree this Saturday, my boat and good friend Trent McLaughlin did.  Trent has fished this year with Freddie Faulkenberry and they had a really good day on Wateree, finishing 7th with 15.14 and collecting $600.  Trent practiced deep for this tournament and that is how he caught them on Saturday as well.  He and Freddie had a limit at 10:30, but was unable to upgrade later in the day.  They said that they got bit in only two place and that the fish came from 10 to 15 feet.  There best are

Potomac River FLW Tour

The Potomac River FLW Tour event was an eventful one to say the least.  This place is full of fish and we got a lot of bites in practice.  The only problem was, we didn't get too many big bites, just nice 2 to 3 pounders.  Also, when I was here several years ago, there was grass everywhere.  This year, there is good grass in certain areas, but not as much as I expected.  For the event, my plan was to run about 15 miles to Mattawomen Creek and start on a couple of pockets I found there, then head further down to fish some main lake stuff I found.  Before the sta

Beaver Lake FLW Tour #3

I am back home from fishing the Beaver Lake FLW Tour event and had a really tough time.  Beaver Lake is one of those fisheries that I really struggle with.  Not only do you have to figure out how to catch a bass in what seems to be a dead sea, but you have to target big, small ones.  Let me explain.  99% of th fish at Beaver are below the size of a normal bass, but largemouth have to be 15", smallmouth have to be 15", and spots have to be 12"s.  So you have to fish clear water, catch a bass that's a keeper and make those big, small ones be bigger than anyone elses.&

Table Rock FLW Tour Major Day #2

Day 2 on Table Rock was a lot more fun for me. Although I had found some nice fish in clear water, and tried to catch them on Day 1, I decided to stick with the dirty water for the second day. I began by flipping a big Strike King Rage Craw to shallow brush and started catching fish right off the bat. I stuck with that for pretty much the whole day and ended up catching about 10 keepers. The sides of the pockets and the very backs were the best and I also switched to the small Rage Craw once the sun got up.

Table Rock FLW Practice and Day 1

Well, the Table Rock event has begun and it is turning out to be one crazy tournament. When I got here, there were hardly any fish on the bank. Now, they are spawning everywhere. The first day of practice, no fish, day 2, staging fish, and day 3, spawning fish. It's like the whole spring wrapped up in a few days. Day 1 of this event was a tough one for me as I only brought 3 fish to the scales that weighed 5 lbs. 10 oz., really disappointing. The fish I found in practice moved from the outside of some bushes, up to the bank to spawn.

Sportsman's Warehouse Pro Dearal Rodgers gives us his take on the March 17, 2012 Lake Wylie Wal-Mart BFL Tournament

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I fished the Lake Wylie BFL on Saturday and really enjoyed the lake. I did have a couple days to look around and found a ton of fish on the bed. Although I didn't find many females on the bed, I had no choice but to sight fish for this tournament. As has been my luck in these events, I drew out boat 100 and as I pulled into the spot I wanted to start, there was a boat sitting there. Although the guy was on the best spot, I settled on a smaller fish and started working on him. I really hate site fishing events for the co-angler.

Lake Hartwell 2012 Event #1

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Hartwell - Day 2: Buckeye Football Mop Jig - PB&JHartwell - Day 2: Buckeye Football Mop Jig - PB&J


Red River FLW Tour Event #4

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Well shoot...the Red River was a tough event for me.  I was surprised when I got there at how much timber was in the water.  In the backwaters, where the fish are, there are tons of flooded timber fields.  People had told me that it would be hard to get around with the boat.  I've seen lakes that were like that as far as driving, but never one with so much timber that you can't troll around and fish.  That place is crazy.  I never got on much in practice, mostly small ones.  I found one creek with some fish in it in Pool 4 and planned to fis

Chickamauga FLW Tour Major #3

Well, I'm finally home from the FLW Tour Major, Lake Chickamauga event.  It was a great time, but I've hardly been able to catch my breath.  I got home Sunday night, then back to work Monday morning around 7:00 am.  Not complaining, just late blog that is. 

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