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2016-02-04 10:19

Sportsmans Warehouse Fishing Dept. Manager Craig Beard talks to us about whats hot across the South East in this weeks Sportsmans Warehouse Tackle Preview. Check it out and make sure you have what you need to be successful this weekend on the water!

2015-12-22 16:37

Sportsman's Warehouse fishing manager Craig Baird takes us thru this great store with deals everywhere for the last minute shopper!!

2015-11-25 09:15

Great deals galore this week at Sportsman's Warehouse! 20% off on all ZOOM products!! Spend your thanksgving shopping for some fantastic deals online or at any one of our 65 Nationwide locations! Here is SW Fishing Manager Craig Baird with some more amazing deals...

2015-10-02 21:56

FLW Tour Pro and Sportsman's Warehouse Pro Anthony Gagliardi takes a few minutes to go over his new ROD Series with us called LEVEL RODS. With AG an engineering degree, something tells us these should be pretty good!

2015-09-18 09:14

Sportman's Warehouse fishing Manager Craig Baird takes us thru the HOT BAITS everyone is using down on Santee right now. Click here to see what could win $40,000 Sat!!

2015-08-30 11:08

Ranger President Randy Hopper continues his coversation with us on the state of the industry and much here!

2015-08-30 11:01

Ranger President Randy Hopper joins us to talk about the companies new ownership group, growth within the industry, and the uptick in tournament fishing across the country-Part One

2015-08-08 22:12

From ICAST on the water - you'll be surprised what you can now do with a wifi-enabled transducer and the new Navionics mobile app - view the display on any mobile device from anywhere in the boat!

2015-08-05 22:02

With features that include a view of where your boat is in relation to underwater objects, the ability to rotate the view of fish stacked in a brushpile to determine where - EXACTLY - they are, and the ability to see the depth of a distant way point, StructureScan 3D has changed the game! From ICAST 2015.

2015-08-04 20:39

Rich Howes won a Bassmaster Open title on Lake Toho by punching heavy mats. He knows what makes a great flippin' rod and in this short clip he tells us why the new Titan HD from Fitzgerald Rods fits the bill! From ICAST 2015.

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