Product Reviews

2015-07-28 10:04

Tour Pro Glenn Browne tells us about Superchips and the performance enhancements they provide for tow vehicles. From ICAST 2015!

2015-07-26 23:38

New for 2015 are Fitzgerald Rods for inshore action and they're fitted with Microwave line guides for distance and accuracy. With Trevor Fitzgerald from ICAST on the Water!

2015-07-25 18:45

The new Bull Worm from Strike King draws big bites from summertime bass and Mark Menendez says it works well on any traditional worm rig as well as on Strike King's Jointed Structure Head Jig. From ICAST 2015!

2015-07-24 16:58

David Swendsweid is the research and development specialist for DUO Realis, maker of the best of all spybaiting tools - the Spinbait. At the ICAST show Swendseid shared how to get started on the path to more and bigger bass via the spybaiting technique.

2015-07-24 08:04

Bryan Owen of Astral Designs shows us what he has for guys AND gals who love to fish. From ICAST 2015!

2015-07-23 13:57

Chris Lane won a Bassmaster Classic and the recent Bassmaster Elite Series event on the Sabine River with 2 of the lures from his NEW lineup of Live Motion lures from Luck E Strike! Can you name the winning lures? From ICAST 2015!

2015-07-22 17:25

Kevin VanDam welcomes us to ICAST on the Water and shows us an unprecedented value in KVD signature series Quantum rod/reel combos!

2015-07-21 11:45

At ICAST 2015 Bryan Thrift shows us his favorite model from his new line of Fitzgerald Rods PLUS a tip on how to skip jigs!

2015-07-20 22:01

Tyler Mahoney shows how the YOLOtek AquaStick and PowerStick charge electronics and power cameras via your boat's nav light ports. You can film ALL DAY with same battery, charge your personal electronics, etc. 'Innovative' is a well-worn phrase at the ICAST show, but the word fits YOLOtek perfectly. Check it out!

2015-07-20 17:03

Sportsman's Warehouse Fishing manager Craig Baird talks about the Big Berkley Trailer coming to town this upcoming weekend as well as a few baits that just might work in this excessive heat that has invaded our region!!

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