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2014-07-20 00:16

Immediately following the announcement at ICAST Scott Martin, Ish Monroe, Mark Rose and Wesley Strader give their opinions on the 2015 FLW Tour schedule!

2014-07-19 18:55

2014-07-11 17:37

Sportsman's Warehouse fishing Mgr Craig Baird joins us to talk BFL and FLW CUP-both coming to LAKE MURRAY! It's topwater and drop shot time as most of you know, and we have a few tips for both-click on the video for more!

2014-06-16 22:25

Matt Raynor from Ranger Boats joins us for his take on the new Generation 2 E-TEC and what it means for Ranger Owners and all boat owners moving fwd.......their take very similar to ours: It's a GAMECHANGER

2014-06-15 15:05

Going out on the water and actually feeling the power and torque of this new G2 E-TEC is simply amazing.........captain Dave Calamia steers us out on Lake Michigan and shows us why this is absolutley the latest and greatest outboard on the market today.

2014-06-15 14:17

On the water up on Lake Michigan we see the first set of new Evinrude Generation 2 E-TEC's behind several different rigs. This engine promises to be cutting edge for years to come........notice the different and awesome colors!!

2014-06-02 10:32

Anglerschannel and Sportsman's Warehouse Pro Dearal Rodgers explains in detail how to set uo and throw a good AL RIG with multiple swimbaits.......there is more to this than you think! Click here to watch-

2014-06-02 10:26

Anglerschannel and Sportsman's Warehouse Pro Dearal Rodgers explains in detail how to correctly set up and throw a Drop Shot--Click here to watch!

2014-06-02 10:18

Anglerschannel and Sportsman's Warehouse Pro Staffer Dearal Rodgers takes us through the correct steps in setting up an effective TEXAS RIG.........Click here to watch!

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