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2014-08-07 11:12

Buckeye Lures Pro Jason Williamson gives us the inside scoop on the Magnum Spot Remover and how its a MUST HAVE in anyone's tackle box!

2014-08-06 12:33

Frog Master Bobby Barrack wants to turn YOU into a frog-fishing champ! He tells us about his NEW 2-hour HD video - Turning Frogs Into Toads (TFIT) from the floor of the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando. To catch a preview of the video, click here:

2014-08-03 14:02

Now you can throw a topwater popper to fish that seldom see one - in any cover anywhere. The Z-Man Pop Shadz will float a heavy, high percentage EWG hook and sit, walk or pop in any cover as well as open water. Check out the action!

2014-07-29 21:40

From the ICAST show in Orlando, Mark Menendez introduces the shallow-rooting counterpart to Strike King's wildly popular 10XD - the new 8.0 Squarebill. It's a chunk that hunts!

2014-07-27 16:22

Tackle X was an invite-only event on legendary Lake X in Central Florida. Held the day before ICAST 2014 kicked off, Tackle X gave us a chance to see new products in action on the water. Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Bernie Schultz demonstrated the waking, rolling action of Rapala's NEW BX Waking Minnow.

2014-07-26 01:09

Perhaps the funnest product at this year's ICAST show, the Shell Bobber was pitched by company co-founder, Jeff Stafford on the hit television show Shark Tank. Investors took notice, so have anglers and other outdoorsmen (recognize the guy on the signage in the background?). A custom-made Shell Bobber would be the best business card an angler or guide could have. Stafford offers that service too.

2014-07-23 18:46

Boomer Stelmach introduces us to Sonar Phone which puts fish-finder technology within reach of everyone - dock and shore anglers, kayakers, waders, potoon boaters - starting at only $130. The castable TPod transducer is the size of a baseball. Sonar Phone is brought to you by Vexilar and their decades of experience in the sonar industry. Because it operates on WiFi, multiple users can read the same transducer. Also, it was revealed at ICAST that Sonar Phone can be used in conjunction with GPS software such as Navionics. User friendly, budget friendly, super portable and super cool!

2014-07-22 12:36

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Glenn Browne is a shallow water expert who specializes in using a long rod and short line to haul heavy bass out of cover. Take a look at the tackle he uses. Browne offers great advice on setting up your reel for maximum accuracy when pitching and flipping. From ICAST 2014!

2014-07-22 00:28

Yakima Bait Company turns out eye-popping color schemes on some very unique lures - and they do it all by hand, in the U.S.A. They offer plenty for the bass fishing crowd, but Jarod Higginbotham shows us a lure you'll want to pack when you take that peacock bass trip of a lifetime!

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