2015-02-27 09:16

AC Pro Staffer Rob Digh talks about the big win for local angler Casey Ashley as well as some upcoming events this weekend, including the BFL on Norman-where Rob says it will take 20 LBS to win!!

2015-02-26 21:06

"I consider it cheating" said Jacob Powroznik concerning his use of extremely advanced electronics in the recent Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell. Hear him explain.

2015-02-24 19:36

Depth is a key factor in finding fish. During the Classic on Hartwell most pros found two primary zones - 10 feet or less, and 30-to-35 feet - that produced the majority of their fish. Hear them explain how and why they dialed-in on these depth zones.

2015-02-24 13:14

Top performers tell which patterns, lures, techniques they used to place 2nd through 6th in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic.

2015-02-23 18:02

Casey Ashley gives a detailed description of his winning gameplan including locations, technique, lure (homemade) and how he fishes the lure. Unless you're friends with his dad, good luck getting one of the winning bladerunner heads. The Zoom Super Fluke Junior is widely available though.

2015-02-21 21:35

Hear it from the pros - even if you can't understand all of them all of the time. Japanese, anyone? They talk about expectations and the weather but the forecast calls for 100% chance of humor.

2015-02-20 21:02

Hear the anglers tell it in their own words. Highlights from the Day 1 post-weigh in press conference featuring Casey Ashley, Skeet Reese, Randy Howell, Keith Combs, Brett Hite, and of course, tourney leader Dean Rojas.

2015-02-20 18:31

Rojas was relaxed even though he spent 28 minutes in the 'penalty box' after a morning launch that was already delayed an hour and a half. He gives details about his day and the reason for his penalty.

2015-02-20 10:40

Jacob Wheeler is from Indianapolis. Understandable then that he would feel right at home as anglers launch for Day 1 of the coldest Bassmaster Classic ever.

2015-02-20 00:47

Randy Howell credits teamwork for his Classic title in a sport that many assume is an individual endeavor.

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